Samurai Sudoku Jigsaw 3019

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    • 3 out of 5
    Samurai Sudoku Jigsaw 3019

    Purchased this puzzle at the Books A Million in Traverse City, MI. At first thought, perhaps it was too easy but when it came to figuring out where the jigsaw puzzle pieces went, the challenge factor went up appreciately. But while Sudoku and Jigsaw puzzles are a favorite past time of mine, this puzzle turned into a major letdown. 4 Reasons why; the puzzle is missing two pieces, there is a loose piece that does not belong with this puzzle and there is a blank cell where there should be a number. So… as much as I liked assembling the puzzle, the above faults knock it down a peg or two. Three Stars

      Samurai Sudoku Jigsaw 3019

      Hello – I can seee how this would produce a disappointment. We do have the occassion where there is a piece missing and this can soemtimes be the circumstance of a pet or grandchild. Anyway, may I send you the replacement pieces. If so send a note to: and it will be handles that day.
      Again my apologies.


    • 1 out of 5
    Samurai Sudoku Jigsaw 3019

    5 missing pieces and 1 duplicate piece! Cool idea but super frustrated!

      Samurai Sudoku Jigsaw 3019

      Please let us replace the set of pieces for this puzzle. Send address to and it will be sent promptly.
      Sorry for this, very frustrating. Thank goodness this is rare.

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